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Current Projects
  • Running Flefo.org, a web site for translators and other people interested in languages
  • Toastmasters activities in SW Germany: Area Governor E2/59 2003/4, Area Governor F1/59 2005/6, starting Clubs in Karlsruhe , Ratingen, and Strasbourg, France.
  • Technical Abbreviations Database for when you are lost in alphabet soup
  • Hosting a web site tracking Sophie Scholl's life in Ludwigsburg, Germany
  • Design Patterns Study Group Stuttgart
  • Moderator of the Flefo mailing list at Yahoo! Groups. Helping a friend with her web site at baum-uebersetzungen.de.
  • Learning Argentine Tango at Walter's Tango La Boca and Katharina and Olaf's Kathalonga.

  • Carsten Kuckuk: "Entwurf und Implementation einer hart echtzeitfaehigen Programmiersprache fuer einen digitalen Signalprozessor", Diplomarbeit, November 1993.
  • Carsten Kuckuk: "Lara - Compilertechnologie fuer harte Echtzeit" in "Echtzeit'91 Conference Proceedings", 1991. [PDF from scans]
  • E.Bertsch, E.Heckert, C.Kuckuk: "Zeitoptimierte Syntaxanalyse bei Modula-2 Programmen", Bericht Nr. 140, Maerz 1990.

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